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About Us

Cashmere - the king of all yarn. Once you wear it, you'll feel the difference. Once you feel it, you'll love it with obsession.
Cashmerephilia - the obsessive love for natural softness and luxurious comfort.

Wearing cashmere can be fun and fashionable! Cashmerephilia is dedicated to providing high-quality, luxurious, natural, fashionable and trendy cashmere and cashmere-blended knitted fashion products, with many exciting and intriguing themes. We try to think out of the box to introduce creative and innovative design elements into cashmere fashion.

On the other hand, the warmth of family love is the core value of Cashmerephilia. We value and promote harmonious family love. We design products for the whole family. There are men's wear, ladies' wear and kids' wear. Also, there are many mum-and-daughter or dad-and-son twin sets in the collection, and there would be special offer for these twin set items in order to promote family love.

It's all about love, Cashmerephilia…

Our Mission
To provide high-quality cashmere and cashmere-blended knitted fashion products with fashionable, trendy and innovative design, to promote the distinctive natural softness, luxurious comfort and fun of wearing cashmere, and to celebrate the warmth of family love.

Our Vision
"Consumers as designers" - we believe in the intrinsic design talent of consumers. So, in the long-run, we strive to provide a platform for consumers to design their own cashmere fashion wear.

Social Responsibility
We acknowledge that there is an increasing awareness about human rights of workers in the society. Thus, we strive to make sure the workers throughout our supply chain receive fair treatment with their human rights respected by conducting surveys, visiting the factories and having interviews with the workers regularly. We also ask factories in our supply chain to follow the international standard for social conduct, such as BSCI, and try to get accreditation. No torture! No threats! No underpayment! No dangerous working environment!

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